Revert prosthesis and Orthosis is a first class  Orthosis center in Nigeria.  Our services include:

  1.  Correction of scoliosis
  2. Biomechanical alignment
  3. Correction or accommodation of deformity
  4. Protection and support for injuries
  5. Assistance for rehabilitation
  6. Pain reduction

We customize almost all our Orthosis  for proper results and satisfaction. 

We are also specialists in the following:

  • Foot Orthoses (FOs)  for foot, leg & postural problem.
  • Ankle orthoses and knee orthoses (AOs) and (KOs) for joint protection & pain reduction or support after surgery.
  • Ankle foot orthoses and knee Ankle foot orthoses (AFOs) & (KAFOs) for the improvement of mobility, support rehabilitation and biomechanical goals.
  • Spinal orthoses,  to correct or control spinal deformities and injuries and to provide immobilization to the spinal injuries.
  • Upper limb orthoses, to provide positional and functional support to the upper limb.