Upper extremity Orthoses with clearly defined therapeutic, limb deficits caused by deformity, paralysis, or pain. For long-term patient acceptance and utilization, orthoses need to fit precisely and be mechanically efficient while providing mobilization/immobilization to the upper limb. General concepts include: support the joints, prevent deformity, and expand functional parameters.

Our Upper extremity orthoses, braces and supports designed for the shoulder, arm, elbow, wrist and hand and can be used for a range of needs from stability to immobilization and include three main areas of orthoses: Upper extremity soft supports, upper extremity positional supports and upper extremity fracture orthoses. When we see the situation, we know the solution, we are Revert we stand with our name.

Lower extremity Orthoses are to facilitate the rehabilitation of patients with lower extremity impairment. Their versatility and the desire of most people with a disability to stand or walk has made them common devices for patients with neuromuscular impairment, Our lower extremity is to lend stability to a weak joint, correct or maintain alignment, control motion in the presence of abnormal tone, immobilize a body part, protect an inflamed joint, or provide proprioceptive feedback. Individuals who have upper or lower motor neuron dysfunction, inflammatory joint diseases, sports injuries , or skeletal deformities.